14 Nov 2009

A whole towns internet cut by motion pictures of America

'Illegal downloads would be prosecuted as a civil matter, she said, and could be subject to fines up to $150,000.'

Having discovered that one user downloaded one Hollywood movie 'illegally' the entire wifi broad band in Coshocton, Ohio was closed down.

'About five years ago, the county made a free wireless Internet connection available in the block surrounding the Coshocton County Courthouse at 318 Main St.

It was disabled last week after someone used the wireless local area network address to illegally download a movie.

The county’s Internet Service Provider — OneCommunity — was notified by Sony Pictures Entertainment about the breach, and the county’s Information Technology Department was in turn notified by OneCommunity.

Elizabeth Kaltman, vice president of corporate communications with the Motion Picture Association of America, said movie piracy is something the industry fights everyday.

“It’s a very, very common occurrence all across the U.S., in towns big or small,” she said.'

The Greens and the Pirate Party have been fighting repressive measures like this but in Britain Lord Mandelson (why is that the term 'Evil' seems to fit so nicely before his name) and the Conservatives seem keen to protect the film moghuls even at the expense of personal freedom.

Branding is taking over the entire human space and corporations would resale their grannies to make cash. We need to encourage free media and free access, the corporate control of creativity is harmful but the corporate are keen to try to make $bns from us.

There are ways of creating free access and supporting artists of course, for example, every time a library book is taken out the author gets a small fee.

This is about enclosure not freedom. Freedom of the individual is the libetarian glossy used to justiy the corporate but if their cash is under threat they will become authoritarian.

Pirate Party details can be found here, now the PP is great but do they fight for ecology and indigenous commons rights, well no.

Did they protest when the Peruvian Amazon people were muredered for protecting their commons on June 5th. I don't think so, the Pirates are doing a great job but I am staying Green.

good time to boycott all sales of Hollywood films and spin offs. The real theives are the ones who steal the commons like a small communities wifi.

Hollywood is inhabitated by the evil not the good.

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