13 Nov 2009

Mumia Abu-Jamal on 'Carnage at Fort Hood, Texas'

had this from Mumia, although he doesn't apparently have access to the internet so, it gets sent on via some friends of his to the likes of me and others, always worth reading. For new readers Mumia is not a Muslim but I guess like me he has respect for this faith.

Mumia's prophet was murdered by the FBI.

ON A MOVE! LONG LIVE JOHN AFRICA! Carpenter, killed by the state, where I have heard that before, Mumia himself is a prophetic voice, listen to him.

[NOTE: This is a rewritten version: 11/6/09] (c) '09 Mumia Abu-Jamal

Once again, an American soldier has gone on a rampage, shooting other American soldiers.

What makes this news even more remarkable than usual is the fact that the shooter is more than a soldier -- he's a doctor -- and a psychiatrist!

Oh -- and he's Muslim.

Major Dr. Nidal Malik Hasan reportedly opened fire against fellow soldiers, wounding several dozen, and killing at least 13 (at last count).

Which feature of this deeply divided psyche moved such a man to storm his own base, and blast his own comrades at Fort Hood, Texas? Doctor? Hardly. Psychiatrist? Doubtful. Major? Unlikely. Muslim? Hmmm...

The answers to these questions may take some time. Major Dr. Hasan, shot by responding security, is reportedly in a coma (albeit in stable condition), unable to provide any.

But given what we know of the transcendent power of religious belief, we can't say such elements are unimportant.

Early reports (which are notoriously unreliable) suggest Maj. Dr. Hasan had expressed an unwillingness to ship out to his next posting in Afghanistan, and ancient Muslim community with growing nationalist resistance to U.S. (and Western) occupation.

Major Dr. Hasan, born in America, was and American citizen; born, educated and raised.

In his professional capacity as an army psychiatrist, he undoubtedly heard the deepest fears, hatreds, and perhaps racist revulsions against Arabs and Muslims, as expressed by his military comrades.

What kind of stresses and conflicts could this have sparked in the man's mind?

This act may prove to be the ultimate act against the wars in and occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq -- not by a terrorist madman, nor by and anti war leftist, but by an American soldier, an officer (and presumably a gentleman), a doctor and a psychiatrist.

Perhaps this was his verdict on the 'war on terrorism.'

--(c) '09 maj

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