27 Nov 2009

Hugh Kerr endorses Caroline Lucas

Just saw this comment from a former well known socialist MEP in response to my appeal to support Caroline.

send me the address and I will send a donation Derek and as the first UK member of the Green Group in the European Parliament can I offer my public endorsement for Caroline.If you would like a quote here it is “As a former Labour MEP and the first UK member of the Green Group in the European Parliament I urge all voters in Brighton and Hove to vote for Caroline Lucas.I have watched Caroline in action in Brussels,Strasbourg and Britain and she is one of the most exceptional member of parliament of our time she would make a superb MP for the people of Brighton and Hove” Hugh Kerr Labour and Green MEP for Essex West and Hertfordshire East 1994-99.

Comment by Hugh Kerr


Anonymous said...

Hugh was never a Green MEP. He got chucked out of Labour and simply claimed to be Green. Subsequently he went to the SSP, and is now with the ironically-named Solidarity, better known as the Tommy Sheridan fanclub.

I'd take his donation but I'd never mention his endorsement again. Kiss of death.

Derek Wall said...

He was in the Green group after leaving labour.

its a shame that you are so insulting about his support for Caroline...which is very welcome

Troll, friday night, drinking or are you a TD?

Anonymous said...

It is good to a cross section of people supporting Caroline Lucas.

I feel that the left really should get behind her.

Time and time again she proves herself to be a person on the left who has substance not just words.

Here is hoping she gets elected next year alongside Salma Yaqoob from here in Brum.


Unknown said...

If you would like to donate to the campaign to elect Caroline Lucas please post a cheque made payable to Brighton and Hove Green Party to
Green Party
39-41 Surrey Street
and please include your address so we can check you are eligible to vote/donate
It is all very gratefully received!

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