23 Nov 2009

The Revolution will be SOAS-ised!

Well if there is a revolution in Britain it will start at SOAS, thus the heat some people are taking, the meetings I have been too in SOAS.

just had this:

Next Saturday Climate Camp are organizing a day of workshops, debates and discussion about climate justice in SOAS university, London. This will include a debate on Just Transition with Harry Shutt (author of Beyond Profit Systems); Sian Moore (TUC Just Transition Project); and Bob Sutton (Workers' Climate Action), which may be of interest to the climate change trade union network.

For full details, please see below. Please circulate widely.

Climate Camp London and Zed books invite you to

Warm-up to Copenhagen at

The Great Global


a day of workshops, discussion and debate.

Climate change is one of the biggest issues of our age. Copenhagen is almost upon us. But the current political response is feeble.

When: Saturday 28 November, 11am—5.00pm

Where: SOAS, 10 Thornhaugh St, London, WC1H 0XG. Rooms: G2, FG07, FG08

Cost: Free (donations welcome)

Speakers will include Ruth Davis - Head of climate change policy at the RSPB, David Fleming - Lean Economy Connection, James Garvey The Ethics of Climate Change, Clive George The Truth about Trade, Victoria Johnson - NEF, Sian Moore - TUC Just Transition Project, Rupert Read - Green Party, Martin Reynolds The Environmental Responsibility Reader, Chris Rootes - Professor of Environmental Politics, University of Kent, Harry Shutt Beyond Profit Systems, Oliver Tickell Kyoto2, Gerry Woolf - DESERTEC; plus activists from Camp for Climate Action, Workers' Climate Action, Plane Stupid and more.

Whatever your level of knowledge, this is an exciting opportunity to learn more, meet others and be part of shaping the agenda in the run up to UN climate talks in Copenhagen.

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