30 Nov 2009

Nature reserve bulldozed

All the hysteria about baby eating Muslims reminds me of the racism against indigenous people in much of the world.

In Paraguay despite a left leader, indigenous people are still under assault and the hard right came close to a coup a couple of weeks ago.

I notice that tosser Rory Carroll has a lot more about Chavez than about the real human rights abuse in Latin America, it would be great if the Guardian was a bit less like the Daily Mail when it came to Latin America, he will be linking Morales to cocaine smears next.

Journalism can kill if you think about it.

Any way shocked to see this story, spread the word and when you stopping buying the Guardian send you money to Survival International.

'The reserve, in the Chaco region in Paraguay, is home to the only uncontacted tribe in South America outside of the Amazon, the Ayoreo-Totobiegosode.

The reserve is being destroyed despite UNESCO’s objective to protect the Ayoreo-Totobiegosode, including ‘the recovery, legalization and return of the land to these native people. . . (It) helps to protect local indigenous communities’ homeland and cultural identity.’

The reserve also aims to protect ‘flagship species’ like the jaguar – an irony given that a Spanish language translation of that word, yaguarete, is the name of the company bulldozing the reserve.

Satellite photos show that thousands of hectares of the reserve have been destroyed, despite Yaguarete Pora having its license to work there withdrawn by the government.'


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