27 Nov 2009

Joining me tomorrow to help elect first Green MP

There is a lot of talk.

Much fear.

Little action.

Making the change is going to involve electing some better people.

I am off to Brighton to help Caroline Lucas's election campaign tomorrow between 10 and 11am.

Join me!

'The Eco Centre, 39-41 Surrey Street


East Sussex



t: 01273 766670
m: 07908 260528

The Green Party's latest campaign involves raising the profile of their prospective Green Party parliamentary candidate, Caroline Lucas, in a bid to make history and elect her as Britain's first Green MP. Each Wednesday they hold a voter survey activity. People meet at the office at 5.30pm before heading off to the northern wards. Travel is arranged and paid for in advance. Every first Saturday of the month they hold an action day where locals, as well as supporters from all over the country help out. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all provided for free. If you think you could spare a short amount of time to help their historic campaign then please contact the constituency coordinator, Alex Phillips.'


Joseph said...

I think you mean am Derek rather than pm. Otherwise you could be there until midnight!

Well at least I know that you will not get your Right and your Left mixed up like some Green parties I could speak of.

Anonymous said...

I hope they bring the MP in that will help the world go green and get eletirc cars in and help with landfill sites so I hope they chose well so come help the world.

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