12 Nov 2009

Dissident Irish Greens to hold meeting this saturday

just been sent this, looks like a great idea, if people can get together and create a new green party that would be great, the top people in the NAMA loving green party are being richly rewarded by Fiannna Fail for their loyalty to failing finance capitalism.#

Sadly the same old story...

GAN are hosting a meeting at the Teacher’s Club this Sat. @ 11am. We have emailed and told a lot of people about the “why’s and wheretofore’s”.
One person wrote back asking for a further explanation. This was as succinct a reply as I could manage.

Greetings XXX

At the recent Convention 20+% of the membership voted aganist staying Govt. 30% voted against NAMA. In the 30 months since going into Govt. many members have left. Electoral support has diminished as we fail to encourage existing supporters and fail to impress/attract new ones.

This section of the party wants to ‘drive change’ and is not content with the scraps from the FF table and sees the current stance of the party as taking ‘anti-Green’ actions (eg endorsing NAMA which is a net transfer of wealth from the poorer elements of this nation to the developer/banker/foreign speculators in way which will limit options for other ‘Green’ investments)

Consequently we see an need for either an organised internal ‘opposition’ or a need for a different Green party. This meeting is to discuss how best to address that need.



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Anonymous said...

If the members that left had stayed in the party the party would no longer be in government. splitting of from the party is not the answer. they need to organise a resistance from within it, a resistance from without is absolutely pointless. Tis always the problem with the left, costantly splitting of from each other until they become irrelevant.

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