28 Nov 2009

John Gormley to allow Poolbeg incinerator to go ahead

A load of hypocritical politicians from parties who support incineration such as Fianna Fail have been criticising John Gormley for allowing the Poolbeg incinerator to go ahead.

Like Baldrick, John Gormley had a 'cunning plan', to make it too difficult for the incinerator to make a profit.

‘I am, therefore, concerned that the proposed incinerator will prove to be seriously oversized, and indeed that a liability for the ratepayer and taxpayer may ultimately arise," said Gormley.

He said that ‘‘the most appropriate course of action’’ was to appoint an authorised person under the Local Government Acts to review the project. Gormley said it was up to the council to discuss with his department ‘‘how the project might be brought into line with the emerging reality of the waste market and waste policy’’.
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However John Gormley has allowed the incinerator to go ahead and the incinerator corporate sponsors know that John Gormley will not be around in the future.

Hey I guess John Gormley will be fighting climate change by arguing for biofuels

Or his party will be allowing motorway construction to scar ancient landscapes.

The Irish Green Party are to green politics what the Russian Liberal Democrats are to liberal democracy.

I guess they will be on 'anon' saying how wonderful they are and what a naive idealist I am for suggesting that when people vote Green they do so to achieve green policies.


Damian said...


If you want to inform yourself about what is really happening in green politics in Ireland I suggest you come to our conference in Waterford at the end of March. It would be a good opportunity to talk to your favourite figure of hate John Gormley.

It would be imminently preferable to relying on the second-hand titbits from a handful of cranks and egotists - who, if they ever cared about seeing green policies implemented, long let that become secondary pursuit to their misguided power trips.

Just a thought.

Derek Wall said...

I think the Irish Green Party enthusiasm for biofuels is enough to convince me of bad intentions, I campaign as a Green against biofuels aware of the palm oil from Colombia.

but if the irish green party gets rid of biofuels from Colombia or defeats the incinerator I will be the first to celebrate.

The Galway Tent said...

Gormley Lies In Dail About Poolbeg Incinerator Process?


The Gormley
[ http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_qdRqFPGZw2o/SxfY_hBrz_I/AAAAAAAAB7Q/GdR6j779AZ4/s320/thegormley-2-1-3.png ]

In The Dail on Dec 2, 2009, referring to the proposed Poolbeg Incinerator, Mr J Gormley stated:

"In carrying out their functions, planning authorities, including An Bord Pleanála, and the EPA in regard to waste licensing, act independently of the Minister."

Is the above statement tresspassing on a lie? Or simply not fully truthful? Or just part of the spin process known as The Big Lie?

* The Greens have stated the "EPA is utterly compromised" [Boyle]. EPA's "independent" Board contains a former industry employee (Burke of Indaver). An ex-EPA Director has worked to promote the Poolbeg Incinerator and the failed West Dublin Incinerator.

In office Mr Gormley has not corrected EPA's apparently dodgy corporate governance.

* RPS represents Dublin City Council's incinerator team and has a former RPS employee on the Board of Bord Pleanála

In office Mr Gormley has not corrected Bord Pleanála's apparently dodgy corporate governance.

* Compare & contrast: DDDA and Anglo-Irish Bank.
In office Mr Gormley has apparently not corrected DDDA's dodgy corporate governance and supports the non-bankruptcy of the cowboy Anglo-Irish Bank. Serious potential conflicts remain in place.


Green Party Press Release, Issued: 18 July 2004


Green Party TD Dan Boyle said today, The appointment of Ms. Burke, having worked with Indaver Ireland, the company proposing the development of a domestic waste incinerator at Carranstown, County Meath and a toxic waste incineration at Ringaskiddy, Cork, utterly compromises the position of the EPA as a body seen by the public as being independent and impartial.

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