27 Jul 2011

Breivik's stole his manifesto from this man!

Wisewords from the Sandwich man, it all looks sub Francis Parker Yockey to me.

Generally Counter Punch is a very good source but this is a little disturbing.

Lind, who is mentioned below, butchers Western Marxism, I mean its a rubbish confused argument, I mean I know Marx and Engels spent most of their time discussing LGBT (alas not).....Cultural Marxism?

My overall impression is that the bulk of Breivik's "manifesto", with the exception of writings about himself, is lifted wholesale from sources. The one that is under-reported is the source for the introduction, alleging a "cultural Marxist" scheme, reaching back to the 1920s, to destroy Western civilization by imposing the tyrannical reign of "political correctness." This "analysis" is lifted virtually verbatim from an American "cultural conservative" William S. Lind. In turn, Lind's thesis appears to have been borrowed (somewhat more discretely, excising a few "digressions" that undermined credibility) from an article by a Lyndon Larouchite, Michael Minnicino. Minnicino's contribution was to take a fairly widespread neoconservative polemic against the left and "political correctness" and ramp it up into a full-fledged conspiracy theory.

Astonishing, Lind has also been a frequent contributor, writing in opposition to the Iraq war, to CounterPunch, a "muckraking leftist newsletter edited by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair." Lind may be a case where they've raked up more muck than they bargained for!

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