1 Jul 2011

Coalition of Resistance conference, July 9th

RCoR national conference: 9 July
University of London Union 10am-5pm

Our second National Conference will be the first opportunity since the pensions strike to take stock discuss the way forward. Plenary speakers will include PCS General secretary Mark Serwotka together with Zita Holbourne from the PCS executive [and BARAC] and NUT executive member Alex Kenny. All played important roles in ensuring the success of June 30th. Dot Gibson, John McDonnell MP, Lindsey German, Medhi Hasan, Wendy Savage, Paul Mackney and Clare Solomon will also speak.

The conference is a resolutions based conference and a new National Council will be elected.

There will be resolutions on the 'One Million Green Jobs' campaign, the General Strike, Structure of CoR, Nuclear Power, Festival of Resistance, Anti-War, Union work, Youth and Students, People's Assemblies and one from the outgoing Steering Committee.

The conference will also have a number of workshops and these will include: The fight against privatisation, Crisis in the Eurozone and CoR International work, Trades Unions, The Hardest Hit: Women, Ethnic Minorities and Disability, Greening the economy and Youth and Students.

Only CoR members and delegates from affiliated organisations will be eligible for election to the National Council but the conference is open to visitors.

Please register via the CoR website as soon as possible.

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Anonymous said...

I am starting to think that it might be a very good idea to get some 'unknowns' to speak. I find some of the rent-a-gob speakers more than mildly annoying although Serwotka always seems to come across well. After all, it's about us, not them. I also feel that the general public would sympathise more with people 'off the street'.

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