19 Jul 2011

Rupert Murdoch attack video: Media mogul hit in face with 'foam pie'

just thought Jonnie Marbles was a rubbish local comedian.

Take it all back this was quite amusing.

Murdoch if found guilty is unlikely to go to prison so nice to see him getting his just dessert!

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Chris said...


I have no time for Rupert Murdoch or his empire but I do not think that this kind of thing is at all funny. The guy is 80 or 80+ and no matter what we think of people the crass kind of activity and attitude on display here is simply juvenile and unhelpful. It can even be said to be an act of violence against the person and as a Green I do not support such activity, it demeans the causes we believe in. It is also an affront to the Parliament. I do not believe Caroline would endorse this fool and his actions and neither should any others in our movement. We either want to be seen as grown up and serious as a political movement or we do not.

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