13 Jul 2011

Gordon Brown rinses Murdoch.

Gordon Brown has gone up in my estimation quite astonishingly.

The Murdoch Empire may fall but we slaves all need to give it a little push if we are to be free.

Did you know that people are shoplifting the Sun such is the disgust at stealing Gordon Brown's sons medical records, the hacking of murder victim Milly Dowler's phone and that the protests are spreading to the USA and Australia.

The end of the Murdoch Empire is nigh, watch this space.

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Steve said...

Did anyone steal those records?

Brown sucked up to Murdoch when it suited him and he was so distraught at the treatment of his offspring that he subsequently went to Wade/Brooks' wedding and his wife had Brooks and Murdoch's floozy over for slumber parties.

They were all at it. Most of the papers, a good number of the politicians and a good number of the journalists aided by the police and public officials.

Now they've been rumbled, they're fooling us all with a bit of finger pointing towards the 'worst' of it.

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