12 Jul 2011

Debbie Fink news on returning Green Party activists from Israel

Just had this about the activists held in Israel from Debbie Fink, incidentally big shout out to all the Jewish Socialist Group comrades, etc from me!

Dear all,

I've been informed that all but three British activists will be deported tonight on the EasyJet flight EZY 2086, scheduled to land at Luton Airport at 23.55 tonight. The other three had refused to go. Pippa Bartolotti is among them, as I suspected! But this does mean that Anne Gray will be on the flight, and my J-BIG friend (who's actually American. I heard there will be 2 Americans so that may include him - not sure).

I will be there with my Green Party flag and J-BIG banner and I believe that Luton Green party will be there again to greet them.



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Anonymous said...

ah, the entryist, jew-hating, Israel-obsessed, fascist harpy who thinks everyone who disagrees with her is an agent of the zionist state Deborah Fink, you mean?

Once was a time that any decent socialist would have run nasty little fascists like Fink out of town. However, to be fair, I gather a fair few of your party would like to do exactly that, and credit to them.

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