2 Jul 2011

Protest causes facebook to reverse ban on indigenous rapper

Indigenous rapper Caper says a backlash from his fans caused Facebook to reverse their banning of the video to his song "How Would You Like To Be Me?" (lyrics below).

The song, which addresses racism in Australia, has enjoyed extensive radio airplay, becoming one of the most requested songs on Magic FM.

The 30-year-old musician, otherwise known as Colin Darcy from Whyalla in South Australia, said in a post on the social networking website: "Whoever reported my new video 'How Would You Like To Be Me' as offensive has actually stopped it from being promoted on facebook.


Section of lyrics from How would you like to be me?

How Would You Like To Be Me?
An Aborigine
Looked down upon in society
How how would like to be treated like a dog?
By ignorant little suckers that make you feel odd
Think that all we do is drink grog
And they say we only have ourselves to blame
Those idiots should be ashamed
It's like they can't and won't understand Aboriginal pain
I wish those haters could walk in our shoes
Then they'll know what its like to lose
And live a life that's been abused
From hereditary ills
That kill
Hey! I was just at a pizza bar the other day
Overheard a conversation and I heard me say
Black boongs this... And black niggas that
Made me wanna react
And say something back
With my fists cause I was pissed!!!
But I didn't while out and act a fool
Cause violence don't change a thing at all
Don't change a thing at all...

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Robert said...

replace some of the words with disabled and that songs suits me.....

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