4 Jul 2011

Chomsky denounces 'extreme dishonesty of the Guardian'

Indigenous people get killed in Colombia day after day.

This is hardly news worthy to Rory Carroll, the Chavez dictator meme has instead to be reinforced day after day.

Chavez is worthy of criticism but don't forget the agenda behind this, Chavez is a target because he challenges US hegemony and attacks elites when they attack indigenous people, farmers, etc.

From: "Noam Chomsky"
Date: 3 July 2011 04:38:23 GMT+01:00
To: "'Alek Boyd'"
Subject: RE: Re Noam Chomsky denounces old friend Hugo Chávez for 'assault' on democracy | World news | The Observer

Let’s begin with the headline: complete deception. That continues throughout. You can tell by simply comparing the actual quotes with their comments. As I mentioned, and expected, the NY Times report of a similar interview is much more honest, again revealing the extreme dishonesty of the Guardian.

I’m sure you would understand if an Iranian dissident who charged Israel with crimes would also bring up the fact that charges from Iran and its supporters cannot be taken seriously in the light of Iran’s far worse abuses. If you don’t understand that, which I doubt, you really have some problems to think about. If you do understand it, as I assume, the same is true. That’s exactly why bringing up Manning (and much more) is highly relevant.



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Chavez is gay

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