28 Jun 2009

Condemn the coup in Honduras

A group of at least 100 soldiers surrounded the residence of Honduran President Manuel Zelaya early Sunday morning, hauled him out of bed, took him to an air force base and put him on a plane for Costa Rica.

I was shocked to learn of the coup in Honduras, the army have deposed the President. The people of Honduras should be free to elect a president not to have to endure rule by a military junta....however disguised.

I am calling on all members of the Green Party to protest. Environmental destruction flows from the ability of a minority to enclose resources and devastate nature for short term gain. A return to the rule by an elite who want the freedom to steal the resources from the indigenous is likely in Honduras, the network of indigenous put out statement showing their concern that the president would be ousted

Brazil, Costa Rica and Venezuela are leading the protest and the people have taken to the streets to mobilise against military rule.

Greens need to be at the forefront of protest.

Eve Gollinger has minute by minute reports, her information on a fake resignation letter from the President shows that this was a carefully prepared coup, similar to the one that briefly removed Hugo Chavez in 2002.

There is also a good article from Green Left Weekly here.


Anonymous said...

Please read this before you pass judgment on political events occurring in Honduras:


Derek Wall said...

You will be telling us that Morales is buying Russian weapons next...although I like the sly humour of the link which notes 'Coup in Honduras - Correction: This is NOT a coup'

Anonymous said...

First things first, it's Zelaya. (Morales is his second last name-his mother's maiden name. In Honduras we use both last names, but when using only one, you use the father's last name.)

You don't seem to care much about the fact that Zelaya was determined to step all over the Honduran Constitution to get his way. You're probably just not interested in doing the research necessary to see that he honestly thought he was above the law.

Hondurans do not want even the remotest possibility of falling under Chavez's rule to come to pass. You may not understand that the majority of the population was against Zelaya. Nor do you comprehend that the world media has focused on images of Zelaya's supporters, people who have been paid for their loyalty, and ignored what the rest of the country has to say.

You are entitled to your opinion on this matter while you sit comfortably at home in another country. I suppose I wasted my time trying to open your eyes to the possibility that things happening now in Honduras are not what they seem to the rest of the world.

The environment is actually peaceful here in the capital city and the President of the Congress has been sworn in as our new President and has guaranteed the protection of our Presidential elections this coming November.

You can condemn this event all you want. We are not under martial rule. We are determined to protect our democracy from people like Zelaya who thought they were above the law.

Derek Wall said...

I see rule by the military is democracy then.

Derek Wall said...

You will be telling us that Morales is buying Russian weapons next.

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