message from Ramona Africa


ONA MOVE, Everybody. August 8th will be here in a heartbeat and MOVE people will not allow it to pass without everybody being reminded of the vicious system attack on MOVE on August 8,1978, particularly since our family has been unjustly imprisoned for 31 years now. We are asking people to flood local radio programs with calls on August 7th and/or 8th reminding people about The MOVE 9 and their unjust imprisonment. The 8th is a Saturday so sometimes it's better to call in a radio program on a weekday. If it's planned early enough, we can arrange for one or more of The MOVE 9 to call into a radio program. You can also write letters to the editor in local newspapers to remind people of this ongoing atrocity. There are some Black August programs planned for this August, be sure to include The MOVE 9 in these programs. The main thing is to keep the issue out there. Be sure to let me know what's happening in your area this August. Thanks for your ongoing support, it's very much appreciated---Ramona

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