Dead NOTW journalist Sean Hoare video on why he hacked phones.

Sean Hoare is dead.

How convenient.

£100,000 bribes to cops, thousands of phones hacked.


world is watching said…
Watergate anyone? Looks like our British neighbors have scandal that bring could down the Cameron govt., but only if the public has the stomach for it. So far polls show Brits still love Rupert's good mate, Mr. Cameron. This could get interesting.
Anonymous said…
protectyourself said…
Sean Hoare sadly passed away yesterday hopefully his information which he was able to pass to police will be useful in the investigation both into his death and the wider phone hacking scandal.

Anonymous said…
ha ha ha

buy your tinfoil hats here!

the conspiracy nuts are out

fuckin loons
Derek Wall said…
I dare say but the the whole hacking scandal looked like a tin foil plot not so long ago.

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