3 Jul 2011


Got to love the bunnies, u pay you rent?

At a rapid speed the earth is being torn up by human greed. Where there
were once wild untamed woodlands there are now mining machines. Where
there was once clean water with fish running free, there are now damns and
the waste products of civilization. Where once non-human animals roamed in
vast numbers, there are now sprawling suburbs, motorways and airport
expansions. Where once there was clean air, there is now smog, smoke and
poisons. Want to do something to stop the planet getting trashed?

So do we.

Lets find each other.

A week of workshops, training and planning for a life of ecological defence.

There'll be a huge number of workshops focused on sharing skills and
ideas, planning campaigns and networking for all aspects of ecological and
social resistance. These will include community organising, planning
actions, halting building and mining projects, legal info, workplace
struggles, climbing, squatting, blockading, wild food, avoiding burn-out,
breaking security cordons, self-defence...

This is your gathering - come prepared to help run the camp and contribute
to the programme. Contact us in advance with ideas for workshops, help
with organising the gathering, come early to help set-up the site or stay
on for a couple of days for take-down. We'll be camping so bring a tent
and sleeping bag. The Anarchist Teapot will provide vegan food for £5 a
day or you can cook your own. Veggies will offer snacks. There'll be quiet
sleeping areas, toilets and running water, and spaces for workshops and
info stalls, so bring info materials about your campaigns.

There will be a creche and a programme for kids of all ages, but you'll
still be responsible for children you bring. If you can offer activities
for kids get in touch.

We aim to make the site and the workshops as accessible as we can. If you
have particular needs, please contact us in advance. The site is
wheelchair accessible including a toilet (although in some parts you may
need assistance).

Arrive Tue eve. Workshops from Wed - Sun pm.

Getting there: The gathering will be in East Anglia. We will announce the
nearest train station on the website a month before, and the exact
location a week before. There is a regular bus from a train station to the

Dogs: We are not allowed to have dogs on site, unfortunately we will have
to turn away any dogs that arrive. If this is an issue please get in

We'll be asking for £20-30 from every adult to cover the cost of the

The Earth First! Summer Gathering is an opportunity for people who feel
affiliation with the ideas behind Earth First! to network, discuss and
reflect on the UK ecological direct action movement and to plan for the

Please note: during the weekend we will be focusing on discussing strategy
and action planning. The workshops & meetings at this weekend will assume
some prior knowledge of issues and campaigns so please inform yourself on
topics of your interest before the moot.

We suggest you read the activist security guide on

Please also note:

- Cost including vegan food & accommodation £20-£30 (depending what you
can afford, but please don't try & blag - even the organisers pay)
- Please get in touch to indicate you're coming if at all possible (so we
buy the right amount of food)
- Especially get in touch if you have any special access needs, are
bringing children or have any other concerns about facilities so we can
make sure we provide the right things
- Sleeping is crash space, bring sleeping bag & roll mat - get in touch if
this is a problem for you
- No dogs please
- The weekend is not open to journalists

Earth First! is not an organisation, but a meeting-point for those groups
and individuals interested in non-hierarchical organising and the use of
direct action to confront, stop and eventually reverse the forces that are
responsible for the destruction of the Earth and its inhabitants.

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