Ed Miliband admits he is Rupert Murdoch's bitch

Bring on the clones!

Ed is on the way out but I no question that the New Labour leader will be loyal to Rupert Murdoch.

The fact that Ed is boycotting the Durham Miners Gala says it all.

This is worth a read,

Ed Miliband’s reneging on a commitment to speak at the Durham Miners Gala looks like a timid attempt by the leadership to distance itself from the trade unions and the working class. Such an approach would be a colossal mistake. As three quarters of a million public sector workers take industrial action on 30th June, the whole movement, including the Parliamentary Labour Party, must stand alongside them in solidarity. The Government remains weak and riven with contradictions. A united labour movement can defeat it and Ed Miliband’s responsibility is to lead that campaign – not to undermine it.



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