7 Jul 2011

Labour Party and Green Party issue joint statement against EDL

oh and here's some classic Marxman, my music does not mean its endorsed by Lab or Greens

Cambridge Labour Party and the Green Party have issued a statement rejecting the views of the English Defence League.

The two parties, whose members, who will be joining the counter march, protesting against the far-right group this Saturday (July 9), said: “As Cambridge councillors we do not welcome the decision by the EDL to organise their event in our city next Saturday, a city of so many special and well integrated cultures and faiths and a city that is at peace with itself.

“We reject the views expressed by the EDL and we fully support the right of all Cambridge people to celebrate their cultures, enjoy their places of worship, and be treated with equality and respect.

“We want local people to come to Cambridge as normal this Saturday to shop and to attend the stunning Big Weekend community event. We will join with other residents in showing our peaceful opposition on Saturday to the views of the English Defence League at the counter event, and at other events this week.”

The statement was signed by Cllr Lewis Herbert, Labour city council group leader, and Cllr Adam Pogonowski, Green city council group leader.

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