9 Dec 2007

Animals march today in London

Off to support animal liberation today at the Uncaged event, hope to see some of you there....looks like it could be another wet day but important to mobilise for animals

Candlelit Procession,
Central London, 9 December 2007
Uncaged is organising a ground-breaking event to mark our 10th International Animal Rights Day.

Please join us for our Candlelit Procession in Central London on Sunday 9 December 2007:

to remember the billions of innocent animals who have endured outrages like factory farming and animal testing
to peacefully demonstrate the strength of public support for animal rights
to call for deep political changes so that animals start to really matter in law and policy
We will be assembling at 2.30pm at Lincoln's Inn Fields in Holborn, Central London (WC2) for speeches and testimonials from animal rights activists around the world broadcast on a giant TV screen. (Click here for a map for Lincoln's Inn Fields). We will then move off at 4pm through Central London with the giant TV screen showing a positive animal rights presentation bringing up the rear of the procession, finishing just beyond the Houses of Parliament.

Please bring candles and lanterns!
Please do not bring placards and banners, nor loud-hailers, drums etc. It will be dark so they won't be seen well anyway, and the Big TV at the rear of the procession will be a very powerful tool for publicising our animal rights message.
A level-playing field for animals
Animals, and the compassionate people who try to defend them, have always faced an uphill struggle when campaigning for political progress. The institutions that make decisions affecting the vital interests of millions of animals have in-built bias in favour of those who exploit and abuse animals. The animal experimentation industry dominates the Home Office, while DEFRA - which covers animals on farms - has traditionally had very close relations with meat and dairy interests.

It's time we had a level playing field, so that the public's concern for animals - which polls repeatedly show is much more advanced than politicians' attitudes - was genuinely listened to by Government. That's the least we should expect in a society with democratic pretensions. So, our primary goal with the 9 December event is to call for a radical political shake-up - the establishment of an Animal Protection Commission charged with examining the ethical status of animals ensuring they get fair representation in policy-making.

As usual, Uncaged is putting forward radical yet achievable proposals. We want to inspire a rational debate and take practical steps towards our ideal of the international recognition of animal rights. We hope that you can take a few steps with us on 9 December to help make a difference for animals.

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