7 Dec 2007

Bird flu spreads to us?

'Human-to-human' bird flu fears

Most people killed by the disease so far have been infected by birds
The father of a Chinese man who died of bird flu has also been infected with the virus, raising fear of human-to-human transmission.
The World Health Organization said it could not rule out the possibility that the H5N1 virus had spread from the son to the father.

Read more here from BBC
Factory farming could lead to huge population loss, as flu leaps species.

Bernard Matthews what do you say?

Excellent report from Caroline Lucas here

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Graet pic I laughed so hard. Pandemic 2008?

When Keir Starmer was a Marxist.

Canvassing in Brighton back in 2017 to support Green Party MP Caroline Lucas’s re-election efforts, I knocked on a door and came acros...