8 Dec 2007

Its about enclosure, its about the world burning

From the number of mud-spattered Land Cruisers travelling the logging roads of Riau, it is clear that much wealth is being generated. But this is a "wild east" where there are many losers as well as winners.

I saw that on the banks of the Indragiri river on the edge of the Kerumutan peatlands. Here, Kuala Cenaku, a community of 7000 people, has for centuries harvested rattan and honey, cut a few trees and planted rubber trees on what they regard as their lands. Then last year loggers arrived, claimed the land had been given to them by the government, and cut down the forest for 5 kilometres south of the river.

Kuala Cenaku's forest is now a wasteland of charred wood on drying peat. In places the Duta Palma group has planted palm oil trees. Yet community head Mursyid Muhammad Ali said his people had scared off the planters and are determined to take the land back. At the jetty, I saw a boatful of new rubber seedlings for restoring the forest.

This excellent and disturbing report is from the New Scientist more here.

Cuts through the bullshit, green politics is about stopping this, reversing the assault on the commons so we can sustain life on earth in a meaningful way or it is neither 'political' nor 'green'.

On the train to Regents St for the biofuel demo and the climate march, see you later amigos and amigas.

'por ahora'! as they say

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