1 Dec 2007

Demo in support against US coup in Caracas

thanks to Nigel for this...


Some of you may know that Venezuelans are going to the polls this Sunday
(2nd December) to vote on whether to approve the new constitutional

For many months, there have been rumours that the local elite and the US
government might launch some kind of coup attempt around this time,
using sabotage and propaganda as a cover for direct intervention.

This week, a CIA memo has been discovered that confirms the existence of
just such a plan, which is code-named Operation Pliers. It details the
tactics that are being used, which include provoking violent uprisings
and refusing to accept the referendum result to working closely with
international news agencies and preparing the ground for military
invasion from Colombia or the island of Curaçao (respectively referred
to in the memo as the "green" and "blue" countries). Eva Golinger has
written about this revelation at

It will undoubtedly be more difficult for the US to carry out this plan
now that it has been exposed. However, the dangers are still very great
and we are asking all supporters to be ever-more vigilant as Sunday
approaches. According to the plan, the three or four days following the
vote are especially critical. If it looks like they are getting away
with their accusations of fraud and Chávez is seen to be isolated
internationally, the opposition will be encouraged to escalate the
violence up to the point where the US military might step in.

On Sunday there will be a rally called by Hands Off Venezuela UK in
support of the constitutional changes and against US interference in
Venezuela outside Bolivar Hall, where the Venezuelan community in London
will be voting. from 5pm once the poll has closed.

The address of Bolivar Hall is 56 Grafton Way (off Tottenham Court Road)
W1, nearest Tube: Goodge Street.

In Solidarity

nigel Rolland

( One World. One Chance. | www.greenparty.org.uk )
Hasta la Victoria Siempre
( The War On Peace Report | www.democracynow.org )

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