3 Dec 2007

Another lost referendum

Chavez Concedes Venezuela's Constitutional Reform Lost in "Foto Finish"
December 3rd 2007, by Venezuelanalysis.com
Caracas, December 3, 2007 - Venezuela's National Electoral Council Announced at 1:15am that the No vote against the President's constitutional reform proposal lost 49.3% to 50.7%, with 45% abstention. Chavez conceded that the reform proposal lost "for now."

The vote was divided into two blocks, whereby the first block included Chavez's 33 proposed article changes and the second block included changes proposed by the national assembly. The second block lost with a slightly higher margin, with 51.0% for "No" to 49.0% for "Yes".

Well spoke to soon, sorry to hear the Venezuelan referendum has gone the wrong way, of course this was about empowerment and direct democracy which is why the world's media were so hostile.

But despite the set backs it is important to keep struggling on for social justice and real democracy.

The US juggernaut still has a lot of power and still demands resistance.

But at least if you can get on the Americans for Chavez site have a look

This website is dedicated to promoting the Bolivarian Revolution currently underway in Venezuela and it's primary author, President Hugo Chavez. Unlike most world leaders - like those in Washington D.C. - that simply say they support their people and then either ignore or exploit the vast majority of them, President Chavez actually "puts his money where his mouth is" and shows what a government CAN do when it actually cares about its people. As American citizens we feel it is time for a Bolivarian Revolution - democratic & peaceful - in the United States as well. Feel free to explore around our site to learn more and see how President Chavez has not only provided tangible real-world aid to his own people, but also to poor citizens of the United States, which is much more than one can say for our own government.


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