14 Nov 2010

'The Big Society is a Big Lie'

The Big Society is a Big Lie. It is a smokescreen, another ideological veil. Its pretence of radical change is simply a means of persuading us to live in submission to the great God Capital.

Well here I was searching for a liberation theology movement in the UK to fight the neo-lib dem cuts and I learn that a new Christian organization
Common Wealth has put out an impressive statement calling for opposition to Britain's austerity programme.

I hope Common Wealth can work with non Christian's (like me) to fight the cuts and I am pleased they are promoting the
Coalition of Resistance Conference.

If you are interested in liberation theology, my friends
Rowland here and Matthew here have some tips.

Also take a look at the
Anabaptist network in the UK, they had even more bottle than Milbank students back in the old days, be interested to see how much energy they have today.

And of course, come and get involved with the
Joel Linares tour, he is a liberation theology inspired grassroots activist from Caracas who will be speaking across the UK in November and December

Introduction: the Big Society or the Big Lie?

Christians in Britain today are called to take a stand. Faced with the biggest cuts to public spending for over a generation, it is not enough to retreat into the private ghetto of religious consolation.

As Christians, we are convinced that the actions of the current government are an unjustified attack on the poor. The rhetoric of necessary austerity and virtuous belt-tightening conceals a grim reality: the victimisation of people at the margins of society and the corrosion of community. Meanwhile, the false worship of markets continues unchecked and the immorality of the growing gap between rich and poor goes unquestioned.

We call on the churches to resist the cuts and stand in solidarity with those targeted. We urge them to join the forces fighting back against a distorted ideology. Above all, we commit ourselves not to give in to despair, fear and fatalism.

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