4 Nov 2010

'a treatise of the left within the Green Party'

Not all reviews are positive the Alliance for Workers Liberty don't like my latest book, see here, Socialist Review see below are more positive.

As capitalism and climate change threaten the livelihoods of millions of people across the planet this book, Derek Wall's most recent publication, is timely and welcome.

Wall has been a candidate for the Green Party and is one of the founding members of the Green Left in Britain. The Green Left is an ecosocialist anti-capitalist current within the Green Party which aims at "making greens redder, and reds greener". His book is a guide to activism and a manifesto.

As Green Parties across Europe have seen major electoral successes in the last decades they have often sold out their ideals and focused solely on electoral politics. When the German Green Party was in government it even voted for the wars in the Balkans and Afghanistan. Wall shows here that this stems from not being anti-capitalist. With the first Green Party MP Caroline Lucas elected to parliament this book should also be seen as a treatise of the left within the Green Party in Britain.


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