26 Nov 2010

Green councillors celebrate direct action by students

Making a stand through direct action and occupation is not easy and we respect and support those students and campaigners who have done so in Oxford.

Over the past 13 years students have been been let down by Labour on education and tuition fees. Now, at the hands of the Con Dem Government, they face further, deep cuts and a sharp rise to tuition fees.

We, the Green Party in Oxfordshire and nationally, oppose the cuts to higher education and to public services. We firmly and strongly believe that the education system should be publicly funded and tuition fees scrapped.

The way out of recession is not with cuts, deregulation and privatisation but with investment, job creation and the more efficient use of natural resources.

We are proud to stand alongside those Oxford students and pupils who marched peacefully two weeks ago on the NUS/UCU demo in London, and who this week marched for their rights, and then undertook the occupation in Oxford.

Good luck in your endeavours and in solidarity for a truly fair economy and just society.


Oxfordshire County Green Party Councillors
Larry Sanders
Chip Sherwood

Oxford City Green Party Councillors
David Williams
Elise Benjamin
Nuala Young
Matt Morton
Dick Wolff

Oxford Green Party Chair
Sushila Dhall

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