11 Nov 2010

Goldsmiths UCU statement on the student protest

I have a friend who has taken part in armed revolutionary action, he is actually a very gently guy now 76, but he took up arms....his name is Hugo Blanco.

I have a couple of facebook friends who are dedicated socialists but not in the Hugo Blanco league unless you read the Evening Standard!

One very violent incident that I would condemn (the throwing of a fire extinguisher) is linked to some window smashing which is linked to an occupation which is linked to protest.....the media demonises people who protest.

I suppose instead of protesting students could vote Liberal Democrat!

Statement on 10 Nov demo:

We the undersigned wish to congratulate staff and students on the
magnificent anti-cuts demonstration this afternoon. At least 50,000 people
took to the streets to oppose the coalition government's devastating
proposals for education.

We also wish to condemn and distance ourselves from the divisive and, in
our view, counterproductive statements issued by the UCU and NUS
leadership concerning the occupation of the Conservative Party HQ.

The real violence in this situation relates not to a smashed window but to
the destructive impact of the cuts and privatisation that will follow if
tuition fees are increased and if massive reductions in HE funding are

Today's events demonstrate the deep hostility in the UK towards the cuts
proposed in the Comprehensive Spending Review. We hope that this marks the
beginning of a sustained defence of public services and welfare provision
as well as higher education.

We are calling a meeting to discuss further anti-cuts activities this
Monday, 15 November, 1PM in RHB 143.

John Wadsworth, President GUCU
Des Freedman, Secretary GUCU

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