24 Nov 2010

John Gormley 'finishing line in sight'

I am not a fan of John Gormley from biofuels to Irish economic policy he has consistently got it wrong. Its a wicked world and its difficult to get things right, and of course if you never participate the argument is you can stay pure but are made filthy by your failure to intervene. Nonetheless the situation was clear and it was clear that the coalition would have been a disaster. And it has been a disaster.

John should apologise, history in the form of the General Election will buy his party, I hope others can advance green politics in Ireland. Any way this is from John Gormley.

By now you very probably know about the statement I made this morning about our remaining time in Government. We will monitor the reaction of other parties and politicians, but we have set a clear marker regarding the national interest and I hope that the other parties in particular will take an equally responsible position. I hope that they will allow the country to complete negotiations with the IMF, adopt the four-year economic plan and agree a budget before we have an election in the New Year.

I believe that these three critical elements of our national recovery are going to require extremely tough negotiations to ensure that the interests of the Irish people are protected. The Green Party will remain at the centre of the process to ensure that it happens.

We have put a time limit on the life of this Government. But the challenges are significant: the Dáil majority remains very thin and difficult decisions remain to be taken.

I know that the last few years have been very tough on members and many have had serious concerns about our continued involvement in Government. I would appeal to all members, now that the finishing line is in sight, to join with us in ensuring that we achieve our remaining goals and enter the election as a unified party, proud of our policy achievements, satisfied that we did the right things for the country in the most difficult of circumstances, and eager to ensure that there is a strong, green presence in the next Dáil.

The election is not far off now. I ask you to support Green Party candidates in every way that you can as they seek to bring our important messages to the voters. We cannot rely on the media to do this job for us - we will have to bring the message to people's doors directly ourselves and we need your help to do this.

Once again, I thank you sincerely for your support.

John Gormley, Party Leader

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