7 Nov 2010

Peru could elect indigenous President on a green platform

Greens have been winning huge votes in Latin America, Marina Silva gained 20% in the Brazilian Presidential election and in Colombia the Greens came second in the Presidential election.

A Green challenge is being launched by the indigenous leader Alberto Pizango, who was exiled after Peruvian police killed over a hundred people at Bagua during protests to preserve the Amazon from oil companies.

The Republic, Sat, 06/11/2010

Interview. Alberto Pizango Chota.
The Indigenous leader, whose presidential candidacy will be officially launched on 19 November, says that APHU has bases in 24 regions.
Elizabeth Prado.

My candidacy was proposed by the Amazonian people then endorsed in the Andes and coastal towns. , we have support in 24 regions of the country, and on November 19 will be formalized my candidacy for the Alternative Party for Humanity (Aphu).

Aphu is not enrolled in the JNE, have you thought of an alliance with any political party?

If until 19 November the 24 regions of the country are unable to collect 10,000 signatures each, or after filing the JNE say that we have not reached the required number, then we would work with any political party that has our same goals.

"As the Nationalist Party of Peru?

I do not think that the Nationalist Party accept me as their candidate, they have to Ollanta Humala. We are working to go with our own party, with the mandate of our supporters.

The priest Marco Arana is one of the possible allies of Aphu?

He is a human rights defender and I think it would be possible for him to support Aphu.

And Susana Villa?

I'm trying to arrange a meeting to with her first, for his success. I think she could help strengthen democratic institutions and governance in our country.

Aphu "has a plan of government?

We would call for a new Constitution, the self-determination of peoples, and the defense of the Earth from global warming. We believe in a caring economy where natural resources are for everyone.

Similar to what you are doing Evo Morales in Bolivia ...

Yes, but Peru is another reality, is a country with far more resources and more population.

What do you suggest the appointment of Mercedes Araoz?

She brought in one way or another the violence of June 5, 2009. She said that if it repealed the Forest Act 1090 or Act was to impede the signing of the FTA with the United States.This time we affirm that it was not because an Embassy representative told us that this law had no implication for NAFTA.

Miguel Hilario is another indigenous candidate could undermine their chances of reaching the Government Palace.

I think the brother Miguel Hilario is not a competition for us, but could help to hinder or delay the goals of indigenous peoples.

What will be the basis Aphu to form its list of candidates for Congress?

Indigenous peoples themselves elect their leaders because they know them. They serve the great majority and not a group.

(I have cut one or two things I can't quite translate so have a look at the Spanish original)

Source: http://www.larepublica.pe/politica/06/11/2010/nuestro-objetivo-es-ir-con-un-partido-propio-0

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