22 Nov 2010

Irish Green Party are to blame

They didn't have to go into the coalition.

But they did, 'power' corrupts.

I hope all Green Party office holders are stripped of their well paid posts.

A lesson for the Liberal Democrats here, get elected on progressive policies, betray your voters and turn a blind eye to economic chaos and face extinction.

The Irish Greens are calling for a General Election, they will no doubt lose all or all but one of their seats....however even now they are not actually resigning from the government.

They have done huge damage to green politics globally.


Greens, I would controversially argue need to be, Green.


Anonymous said...

Try and act responsibly you got your
bailout now get your heads down work it out and keep your gobs shut

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Tony Greenstein said...

No there is a bigger lesson than merely the venality and corruption of Irish Greens, though that no doubt is true also.

It is the lack of any class or socialist politics. You can be a green fascist or a green socialist or a green capitalist but the bottom line is that capitalism and preserving the environment are incompatible. You can't green capitalism because capitalism has certain features endemic to its very existence - the blind accumulation of capital, the never ending search for profit which ends up in the parasitic forms of investment banking and all their lovely financial instruments.

The lessons are clear for the British Green Party but unless it understands them well it will also suffer like the Irish (& German Greens).

First and most important - don't take responsibility for managing and running capitalism. If you do then you have to take responsibility for cuts too.

If e.g. Brighton Greens were stupid enough to go into a minority administration by themselves or even a coalition with New Labour next May then they would be forced to accept the 'logic' of the Council's own financial position, unless they were to do a Clay Cross and openly advocate breaking the law.

I don't suspect that will go down too well in the parlours of local GP members!

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