10 Nov 2010

Don't let Mumia die demo in London

I went to a large noisy and vibrant demonstration in support of Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Pam Africa I think is coming to Britain soon.

The left other than the RCG, some Maoists and the Spartacist League were not out in force for the demo but 200 people turned out, mainly black activists and Wages for Housework....there was an interesting speech from Selma James and a live link up to Philly.

Mumia has been on death row since 1981 for a murder he did not commit, I often post his inspiring journalism here.

We must defend him.

He is also a good solid ecosocialist and MOVE to which he belongs remain radical ecologists.Please support solidarity with Mumia.

The organisers did an amazing job, left and green people should get involved, Mumia is left and green!

Back in 1995 I worked hard to raise protest when Tom Ridge signed his death penalty.

Also makes me think of having Hugo Blanco who was also a death row prisoner staying with me and saying things like 'I used to have a big appetite because of the time I was on hunger strike'.

Hope Brother Mumia is freed and I can meet him and may be cook for him like I did with Hugo just last week!

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