25 Nov 2010

Simon Hughes office occupied by angry students.

Massive cuts in benefits, 100% cuts for arts and humanities university funding, troops teaching in school, transparency rules for bank bonuses in the bin, hugh rise in rail fares.......Britain has the most viciously right wing government since the 1930s.

This is only because a small bunch of free market fundamentalists the Yellow Book group took over the Liberal Democrats mounting an internal coup in their Party and then after lying to the voters, most notabably over tuition fees, putting the Conservatives in power.

I am elated that Liberal Democrat MPs offices are being occupied.

I am party political, yes but when greens support disaster capitalism, as in Ireland, I am never afraid to challenge them.

The Irish economic disaster is coming to Britain, students are in the front line of resistance.

Great to see them occupying Hughes office, great to see Young Greens in the video, great to see University of London Union President Clare Solomon showing such militant and visionary leadership.

See you at the Convention of Resistance Conference on Saturday!

People get ready!


Anonymous said...

Yellow Book? Orange Book methinks, the Yellow Book Liberals are social Liberals trying to win their party back.

Derek Wall said...

thanks for the correction, any links to the Yellow book group?

Anonymous said...

YBL facebook page:
A YBL critique of the Orange Book take over (even though not everyone in the OB is a neo-liberal)

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