21 Nov 2010

Len McCluskey wins Unite General Secretary with 100,000 votes

101,000 for McCluskey, to 52,000 for Jerry, Les Bayliss (boo hiss!) 46,000, Gail Cartmail 39,000

just had this text from Jerry McCluskey 1st: Hicks 2nd: Bayliss: 3rd Cartmell 4th. The network built during our campaign will be vital in fight against the cuts. Keep on keeping on Jerry Hicks

The really impressive candidate was Jerry Hicks but the union hack has the money and the establishment support.

The lesson is that greens and socialists need to put much more energy into supporting left candidates.

Still there are worse people than Len McCluskey.

Hope to do a lot more work with Jerry though in the future but the lesson is if you are left and imaginative and going to reject the fat cat salary, they other guy or girl will win.

Got got got to organise, a Hicks win would have really changed things in Britain for the better.

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Tony Greenstein said...

It was a good vote for Hicks. He resigned from the SWP at frustration at their lack of democracy and Stalinist internal culture but it doesn't seem to have hindered his campaign.

I know the name Gail Cartmell from somewhere but I can't remember where. Possibly a junior functionary in Unite.

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