21 Jun 2011

Alberto Pizango believes that President-elect finds Peru in a deplorable condition.

The Amazon leader Alberto Pizango, exiled for time to Nicaragua by the previous Garcia government (who murdered the indigenous at Bagua in the government campaign to open the Amazon), has argued that the incoming President Humala finds Peru in a desperate state. Indigenous are in poverty and have had their land stolen for inappropriate projects. An economy that respects the indigenous and Planet Earth is necessary for shared prosperity.

I salute Alberto Pizango, this is my rough translation of his statement, original in Spanish here

AIDESEP, June 20, 2011.

AIDESEP President Alberto Pizango Chota, on his visit to the city of Cañete, said that the outoging APRA government, had left the country in deplorable conditions: broken socially, without respect for indigenous peoples, with more than 80 Peruvian indigenous killed during social conflicts and a host of allegations of corruption, proving that despite their assurances the country had been mismanaged.

The indigenous leader said that the next government was very interested in reconciling the country because the number of conflicts had increased substantially during the administration of the previous government.

During his visit, Pizango Chota said the government of Ollanta Humala must work hard to get the country out of economic crisis, and there are the clear examples of how indigenous communities live how riddled with poverty, of people who face serious diseases such as hepatitis B and a total absence of government support in overcoming these problems.

"But out in San Benito that people do not want development and that is a lie that will continue if the next government does not respect our way of living harmoniously with Mother Nature: we if we want development not only of our communities but for the country but we firmly believe it must be with respect and truth in hand, "he said.

Finally, he said the outgoing government was exclusive throughout its period of rule, and noted the problems faced by this new administration to understand a country that seeks, through peaceful protest, to find a middle ground and respect the way of life, development and future and not imposed projects [on indigenous people}.

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