5 Jun 2011

Qorianka Kilcher free again to fight for the forests!

Just got this from Qorianka Kilcher

LA SELVA NO SE VENDE!!!! Two years after the massacre in Bagua, I am again ordered to appear in Washington's court.....
posted 12 hrs ago
BAGUA-Flying to Washington DC tonight to go back to court..for what I do not regret I did at the White House last year. Edit
Two years after the massacre in Bagua , Peru, I am again headed to airport to fly to Washington DC to go back to court for what I "did" at the white house 1 year ago.....

Im ordered to appear monday morning june 6th at the washington court... so wish me luck :)

hmmmm, they "Gag" ordered me to not protest or participate in protests for 12 months... and monday is the day im free to PROTEST AGAIN !!!!???? yup! :) I think so :)

Stand up and Speak up for Human Rights!

June 5th, two years ago was the massacre at BAGUA, Peru...
and one year ago we demonstrated Perus President Garcia violations of human rights in his greed and quest to sell off the entire Amazon to multi national corporations... when he was visiting washington....
and now ... lets see :)

stay tuned :)

we can not eat , drink, or breathe money or profits!


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