17 Jun 2011

New victory for Amazon indigenous as Peru recognises their languages

Aidesep are amigos of amigos, the federation of indigenous Amazon people in Peru, they mobilise for their communities and Mother Earth especially seeking to conserve the Amazon.

I have quickly translated this news of the new law in Peru to defend indigenous languages. Spread the word, salute Aidesep!

AIDESEP, June 15, 2011.

The Peruvian Congress has approved the Law for the preservation and use of indigneous languages, a measure proposed by Congresswoman Maria Sumire, who noted that this decision is part of the United Nations Declaration in the sense that indigneous peoples have the right the full enjoyment of all fundamental freedoms recognized by the UN Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

To refute the comments of the Executive, Congresswoman Sumire said it was required that public administration had to communicate in more than 80 native languages ​​exist as in Article 2, of opinion, there is a declaration of interest national use, preservation, development, recovery, development and dissemination of indigenous languages ​​in the country.

She argued that the law of preservation and use of indigneous languages provides that any person is entitled to their ethnic and cultural identity and stressed that this debate comes at a very special month as it celebrates farmer's day and in the city of Cusco, capital of the empire of the Incas the festival of Inti Raymi,

The LAW is INCLUSIVE support not only men and women from the Quechua nationality, but also Aymara and Amazonian peoples.

Spanish original here!

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