1 Jun 2011

Green left humilates Berlusconi in Milan

The hyper rich steal and corrupt but as they are the hyper rich they pull strings and as they own the media they generally win.

In Britain we had a recession caused by a banking crisis, guess what in 2011 the bankers are getting fat bonuses and the recession seems to being blamed on the disabled.

So good news that Giuliano Pisapia the Ecology Left Freedom candidate beat Berlusconi on his home turf of Milan.

Great to see greens and the left cooperating, winning power and hopefully creating change.

Italy is a dirty mirror for Britain, Berlesconi looks like an angry clown but as he controls the media and can change laws just after he breaks them he has power.

The sleazy Tony Blair used to borrow Berlusconi holiday home. Indeed the Independent newspaper noted:

But what may have annoyed Labour activists more than anything is not the political affinity between Blair and Berlusconi but the Prime Minister's love of Italian hospitality. In 2004, the Blair family spent part of their summer holiday in Mr Berlusconi's 27-bedroom Sardinian villa. And last year the Italian newspaper, Corriere della Sera, ran a graphic account of the trappings of wealth that the Blairs have been gifted by Mr Berlusconi, cruelly nicknaming the Blairs the "Sultans of Bling".

Money, as Francis Bacon (the science guy not the painter) used to suggest, is like muck and stinks if it is in a big pile.

Good to see power being eroded and re-redistributed.

Pisapia won with 55% of the vote, I guess this is on some kind of second round system.

Find out more about Sinistra Ecologia Libertà here


Unknown said...

I quite agree Derek. It's not easy to find a political good news story at the moment but this fits the bill. Good to see the fat cats choke on their cream!

Stephen Wood said...

Do we have a sense of what the campaign consisted of and whether any of their policy offer can be translated either in the rest of Italy, or in other EU countries?

It would be good to take something substantial out of this good news story!

Derek Wall said...

I will try and find out, Italian politics is quite complex.

Stephen Wood said...

Much appreciated Derek - I suspect at least some of it will be a reaction to Berlusconi himself from Italian voters in his electoral heartland, but there may be wider significance for us!

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