11 Jun 2011

Take action against Brian Souter knighthood

We the undersigned are deeply offended that Brian Souter has been awarded a Knighthood in the Queen's Birthday Honours 2011.

Mr. Souter ran a campaign of fear and misinformation which was deeply hurtful to the LGBT community in Scotland.

The Keep The Clause Campaign increased hatred towards an already victimised group and saw a corresponding increase in violence against LGBT people.

We believe that it is wrong for such a person to be given such a high honour by Her Majesty The Queen and call on HM Government to withdraw this award.

Petition here

Great article from the ever excellent Bright Green here


Steve_Barker said...

Just wish I could get a train or a bus that is not owned by Stagecoach.

davidhenry said...

Check this out as well from 2 years ago - we've been Boycotting the company since 2000 when Peter Tachell first called one over 'Keep The Clause' - so it remains in effect.

Stagecoach Accused of Homophobia Towards Staff and Customers - Youth Group Mounts Boycott

Coach company Stagecoach has denied any cases of homophobia, despite a number of reported incidents on its buses and towards its staff.

The Queer Youth Network, the UK's national LGBT youth organisation, accused the company of homophobia, in light of two incidents involving a coach driver and a young gay couple in Aberdeen.

In Manchester, a young gay Stagecoach driver has allegedly spoken up about a "canteen culture" of bigotry and ignorance.

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