11 Jun 2011

Indigenous welcome Humala victory but remain firm in their protest

video is a little out of date but if you don't hable Espanol, it will give an idea....sin embargo its best to get the news from the indigenous rather than mainstream media...

Just translated this, the indigenous welcome Humala's victory but remain firm. The social movements in Peru are strong and strong in defence of their rights and the rights of Mother Earth, I salute them, spread the word, save the planet.

This is from Aidesep, who have of course are Amazon based but give solidarity, lets give solidarity too....the world's media and markets will be urging Humala to oppose the indigenous and extract the resources.

In the absence APRA government dialogue, the Quechua and Aymara indigenous people of Puno continue to block the road between Puno and Desaguadero.

As their demand to cancel all mining concessions in the region is intact so the indefinite strike will continue until the government shows a willingness to talk which is based not on whim but on a real desire to protect the health of the planet.

In an act of openness to dialogue, the president of the Front for the Defence of Natural Resources of the Southern Region of Puno, Aduviri Walter said that it is possible that the leaders would travel to Lima for talks with representatives of the Executive, so as to reach an agreement.

Although in recent days it has been claimed that they accepted another agreement that does not involve permanently canceling the mining concessions (not sure if my translation is correct here!).

Meanwhile, the region north of the inhabitants of Carabaya persist in their protest against the construction of the Inambari hydroelectric project .

Around 15,000 Aymara occupied the city of Puno, which was suspended after disruptive incidents that paralyzed the capital for several days and left many tourists stranded.

The Central Government has rejected the cancellation, but agreed with the Aymara communities to suspend mining and oil concessions in Puno for 14 months in four provinces (Yunguyo Chucuito Collao and Juli).

However, these communities also require the repeal of Supreme Decree 082-2007-EM, as Walter Aduviri, President of the Front for the Defence of Natural Resources for the southern Puno region, has stated.

Aduviri said that while they felt positive about the victory of nationalist candidate Ollanta Humala, the Aymara will not be satisfied with promises, but require written agreement. Meanwhile, the president of the Regional Government of Puno, Mauricio Rodriguez, has asked the president-Ollanta Humala intervene in this case ..

original in Spanish leer mas!

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