19 Jun 2011

Daisy Zapata Fasabi salutes the Aymara struggle for Mother Earth!

Aymara protesters have mobilised to stop a silver mine on the shores of Lake Titicaca in Southern Peru, three days ago, their leader Walter Aduviri was threatened with arrest by Alan Garcia's government after a TV interview.

For a time Aduviri was trapped in the TV building but is now free, Garcia's police murdered hundreds of indigenous Amazonians at Bagua.

The vice president of the federation of Amazon indigenous people Daysi Zapata Fasabi, pledge solidarity, in the Aymara struggle to preserve Mother Earth.

Garcia is on the way out and indigenous people backed Ollanta Humala the newly elected president...the worlds media, markets and financial institutions are urging him to attack the indigenous and attack the environment of Peru. The Peru indigenous in the Amazon, the Andes and amongst the Aymara of the south are militant, strategic and superbly well organised.

So if you love you plant learn from them and spread the word!

Here is my very rough translation.

Vice President of AIDESEP, Daysi Zapata Fasabi,i expressed solidarity with her Aymara brother Walter Aduviri who was threatened with arrest by the APRA the APRA government after he left a media interview and suggested that the threat of arrest was to distract from Congress debate over the Forestry and Wildlife Law.

The indigenous leader, and people's representative, said that most reject the government approach of criminalizing protest, chasing their representatives who simply do not agree with the form of development that is imposed from Lima with a narrow vision, centralist and predatory.

Zapata Fasabi recalled that what is happening in Puno is a similar to the events of Bagua in 2009: Amazonian peoples demanded dialogue, to listen and to respect self-determination over their territories, however, the APRA government instead of dialogue ordered a confrontation for no reason. Puno has now been paralyzed for two months and the president instead of looking at this area of ​​the country is thinking of other things.

"It is possible that the president of a country is more aware of colossal buildings, which gives priority to cement in place of life and does not meet the demands of the Aymara and Quechua. Everything indicates that Garcia still lives on the backs of the people, still thinks that the only important thing is what he decides and instead of asking the Peruvian population. It is outrageous to think that he prefers confrontation rather than solutions, " she said.

Spanish original here

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