9 Jun 2011

Sian Berry joins the mutiny!

Sian Berry former London Green Party Mayoral Candidate is going to be a star attraction at the Mutiny on 4th July.

Love the mutiny, always a good night.

“Work is the curse of the drinking classes”, joked Oscar Wilde. And today there are few lives which are not blighted by work. Hours seem to ever increase, wages have stagnated and fallen in real terms, bosses continue to be vindictive.

Mutiny presents Work on Trial will be hosted by Brendan Montague, journalist and author of A Year on The Sauce. Among our special guests are Sian Berry, the Green party’s London Mayoral candidate for 2008, and Anne-Marie O-Reilly from Boycott Workfare and London Coalition Against Poverty. We are currently booking trade unionists, activists, performers and artists.

Work on Trial is a carnivalesque evening of live entertainment and discussion providing a whistle-stop tour of contemporary political issues at work. The night begins with speed debating, followed by three interactive debating sessions interspersed with performance poetry, theatre, readings, and live music.

More details here.

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