23 Dec 2006

Another rare mammal is extinct

His 1970s Guardian column on beer played an important role in sustaining small real-ale brewers and shaming the large drinks corporations - notably Watneys - which were trying to impose keg beer on a nation.

Sorry to hear that Richard Boston has died, amongst other achievements, he edited the VOLE, a green politics mag which ran from 1977 to 1980, I dimly remember it Shame we didn't act on green politics with more energy in the early 1980s.

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weggis said...

Ello Dewick!
Talkin of beer, about 6 weeks before Christmas Abbot Ale disappeared off the shelves of all my local Tesco's.
Probably using this a leverage to get a bigger discount and hoping that customers will be satisfied with the alternatives in the meantime.
True, Pedigree, Pride, Speckled, Ruddles etc are all just as good and I do like a selection, but NYR is to find an alternative retail outlet. Security of supply is today's buzzword.

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