17 Dec 2006

Did Blair help kill the Gajar Fish in Hazrat Shah Jalal?

In West Bengal and Bangladesh, sufi islam and enlightened Hinduism fused in the Baul tradition, this is now under threat.

Think of the money poured into the world by the Saudi's to promote fundamentalist, austere and intolerant forms of Islam....Blair's allies that he would not involve in a corruption hearing.

An excellent Madeleine Bunting article in the Guardian is worth reading and you can visit the exhibition at the British Museum on this.

Amartya Sen is good on this peaceful tradition of coexistence in Bengal/Bangladesh too.

Madeleine mentions how the Gajar Fish in a sufi mosque were posioned, presumably by those who consider them a blemish on Islamic orthadoxy.

Who killed the Gajar Fish, well those who defend intolerant forms of Islam and this includes Blair, greedy for oil and weapons cash who defends the Saudi regime with their appalling record on human rights and fundamentalism.

This is from an article on extremist Islam in Bangladesh
Growing fanaticism & extremism in Bangladesh : Shades of the Taliban
On night of 12th January 2004, a bomb blast killed two people on the spot and
injured hundreds who gathered for the annual Urs of Hazrat Shah Jalal (Sm) at the
Dargah premises.
52 of the injured were hospitalized, 3 of whom are struggling for their life.
The bomb was carefully buried in the ground obviously escaping attention of security
arrangements enforced in the area after the fish-poisoning incident about a month
For almost 700 years this festival takes
place and it is a part of the local culture
in which people of all religions and
vocations participate.
Dargah Shah Jalal is host to several
other harmless traditions, not exactly
symbolizing religious ceremonies but
revered by common people.
About a month ago vandalism was committed in the tank of the Dargah when a
particular species of fishes (“Gajar Mach”) were poisoned by some miscreants.
Despite the call for serious investigation of the crime and obvious proof of poisoning
the administration almost intentionally neglected the issue.
On the contrary religious bigots such as Jamaat MP Delwar Hussain Sayeedi started
well-orchestrated propaganda against these traditions and in a gathering at Sylhet
Madrasha Maidan, on 2nd January 2004, urged innocent people to resist these
traditions considered by them to be “Haraam” and anti-Islam.
Despite public outrage, such provocation, certainly by no means an isolated incident,
was carried out with blessings of the Ruling BNP /Jamaat Alliance.

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