30 Dec 2006

Green Party Principal Speaker condemns execution

The execution of Saddam continues the brutality rather than ending it. The West has supported dictators including Saddam when it suits them. Look at the massive arms sales to the Saudi Arabian government whose human rights record is appalling.


studentmedic said...

Executed for ''crimes against humanity''. I thought the European Charter of Human Rights implies that execution itself is a crime against humanity. I certainly believe it is: in any circumstances.

Anonymous said...

So-called "capital punishment" is a crime against humanity indeed. The execution of Saddam Hussein by the United States is a sham and a crime against justice. After a war of agression, an invasion and occupation, a trangression of the highest order, an imperial and occupying power hangs a leader for crimes that pale in comparison to the crimes the imperial power assisted him in committing. This is hypocrisy so great that it is difficult to fathom. I fear for the future of the people of the United States who have so far from reality that it is terrifying.

Caractacus said...

It's a pretty advert for the 'freedom and democracy' that Bush and Blair brought to Iraq though isn't it?

A mob of chanting hooded death squad types stringing up an (embarassingly brave, if evil) old man up in what looks like someone's garage.

That's what 'freedom and democracy' looks like these days is it?

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