29 Dec 2006

Green Party defends council housing

Council housing is important, you can sign a petition here, glad to see an excellent press release here giving Brighton and Hove Green Party their support to a vote against an ALMO.

There will be a motion going to party conference to make explicit our opposition to ALMOs.

affordable and quality housing is essential, house prices are rising at something like £42 a day at present in Britain, housing has become a speculative commodity...wrong, wrong, wrong.

The economy grows but first time buyers find it tougher

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Bob Deed said...

This post confuses ALMOs and housing Associations. With ALMOs - council houses remain council owned; with housing associations, the HA has ownership. Neither involve speculation and privatisation.

(If you want to defend council housing, you might want to argue for an ALMO! They are arguably more democratic for tenants when most local voters are not council tenants.)

I think you should look at the excellent work being done by some of the ALMOs before you party conference. I would recommend that you see the tenant-led Kensington & Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation. You may change your mind about ALMOs.

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