15 Dec 2006

Oral sex is the answer to climate change

Well, i don't think so...however Alice Walker argues today that non procreative sex is the answer, or part of it to ecocrisis, i tend to think rampant consumerism fuelled by advertising to maintain capitalist accumulation is a more immediate danger. Even from some one as right on as Alice, there are dangers from malthusian population talk.

She calls for a moratorium on childbirth for the sake of the environment ('not one more child should be born on this planet until certain conditions are met ... the most important of these is that several missing pounds of plutonium are found") and celebrates oral sex.But there are also sections that seem to derive from the far, far, left-field. claims Alice.

lets have a moratorium on nuclear weapons, 4 by 4 ads, etc....population is not driving the destructive beast and banning people from having kids is authoritarian nonsense (sorry Alice!)

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