23 Apr 2007

a funeral

Sad day today for me, went to the funeral of Steve Salkeld who died of cancer, a great friend, a genius, some one who helped me and lots of others out in difficult times, Steve will be missed, a good listener....liked a pint or three, still can't get my head around the fact that he has gone.

We had one big pub session a week or two before he died, lots of his friends came, I asked about his illness and he simply said 'shit happens', this gave me a lot of hope, he had real dignity in the face of death, what more can you say.


paddy said...

My commeriserations! Sincerely Paddy

James Barker said...

got any pictures of steve please? I used to be an ex student, been trying to get some for years. Also, i want to know the name of his favourite piece of music

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